Company Liquidation Portal

Indicative liquidation price:
  1. Deletion of a fully dormant company without liquidation procedure - 400 EUR
  2. Liquidation of an active company - from 800 EUR
  3. Preparation of missing financial year reports and liquidation reports - according to the volume of work
VAT is added to the prices (if applicable).

NB! A company is inactive if it has never had any transaction that would need to be reflected in the accounts or annual report or tax returns. The company also has no claims or obligations.

How to start? Select the company you want to liquidate and enter the contact details in the next view. Once we have received your request, we will contact you within one working day and, if necessary, we will ask you to specify details about the company.

Once all circumstances are clear, we will offer you the optimal liquidation option and make a quote.

After you accept the offer and pay, we will proceed with the liquidation.

If you are not able to sign documents digitally (no e-residency), please contact us by email at